Enhanced Glass

Elegance in Stained Glass, Sand-Blasted Etched Glass & Bevel Glass! Transform your ordinary glass into extraordinary Windows, Doors, Shower, Mirror, Skylight, Table Top, Stain Glass Repairs and more! Contact us now for a  free estimate.

About Us

At Enhanced Glass we've been designing and manufacturing beautiful designer stained glass, stained glass overlay, beveled glass, sand-blasted and etched glass products since 1986! We have done beautiful stained glass and sand-blasted glass designs for commercial buildings, hotels, restaurants, homes and offices for 2 1/2 decades. We even did designs for the Ronald Reagan library in Semi Valley, Ca. We have worked with many clients over the years helping them to design elegant stained glass, sand-blasted carved glass and beautiful bevel glass designs to enhance their home, work place or place of business. We  create original designs as well as standard designs and involve the client in the design process so that their have an active part in choosing stained glass colors, stained glass textures and other features are incorporated adding beauty and functionality to the room. Contact us now for an in home estimate!
Stained glass NC, stained glass overlay, sand-blasted glass, acid etched glass, etched glass, bevel glass designs and so much more. We tint windows, mirror windows, and have various sophisticated Mylar films to cover glass inexpensively and transform them into a beautiful addition to your home, office or business.