Enhanced Glass

Elegance in Stained Glass, Sand-Blasted Etched Glass & Bevel Glass! Transform your ordinary glass into extraordinary Windows, Doors, Shower, Mirror, Skylight, Table Top, Stain Glass Repairs and more! Contact us now for a  free estimate.

Designer Glass Elegance

Stained glass, etched glass, bevel glass in North Carolina! At Enhanced Glass we do just that!  We design and manufacture stained glass, etched glass, sand-blasted glass, carved glass, acid etched glass, stained glass repair, bevel glass, glue chip glass, custom designs, window tinting, window treatment, safety glass, special designs all  in Chapel Hill NC, Raleigh NC, Durham NC, Cary NC and the triad area of North Carolina. we also manufacture and ship stained glass, etched glass and bevel glass products and designer glass to just about anywhere.


We transform any existing glass window, door, mirror, shower and skylight into a beautiful elegant transformed work of art that is typically 50% less expensive compared to cut leaded stained glass which we also design, manufacture and repair.


This process to transform your glass into elegant stained glass is called overlay where we bond textures, colors, bevels, jewels and lead to the glass increasing its beauty and strength. This product is guaranteed for the life of the glass and designs can be made that are impossible to do in the traditional cut leaded glass.

Enhanced Glass in Chapel Hill, NC also designs and manufactures sand-blasted glass, etched or carved glass creating beautiful designs. This process can be done to glass, mirror, stone, tile, wood and just about any hard surface. Beautiful designs have been made incorporating 'edge lighting' using neon and LED lights for an even more spectacular effect.


In addition, Enhanced Glass can window tint, window treat, create privacy or apply various films for different effects on glass or create clear safety glass which exceeds the ANSI code for safety glass. Contact us in the Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Durham area in NC today for a free estimate!

Etched and Sandblasted Carved Glass Design
Above & below are an examples of sand-blasted etched carved glass. Above with Egyptian names in Hieroglyphics and edge lit with neon light. Below, Nico's Cafe with a scene from Naples, Italy. Custom to simple designs available!