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Elegance in Stained Glass, Sand-Blasted Etched Glass & Bevel Glass! Transform your ordinary glass into extraordinary Windows, Doors, Shower, Mirror, Skylight, Table Top, Stain Glass Repairs and more! Contact us now for a  free estimate.

Customer Testimonials

The following people have written and commented about the stained glass, sand-blasted glass, etched glass, carved glass, bevel glass and stained glass overlay products purchased from Enhanced Glass. Please feel free to sign our guest book and add any comments you like. These comments will be posted for everyone to see how you were satisfied having your stained glass, sand-blasted glass, etched glass, carved glass, bevel glass or stained glass overlay designed and completed to their complete satisfaction.

Bob removed and repaired a broken stained glass window for Olive Grove Baptist Church in Oxford and did a great job restoring the glass and re-puttying the windows. Abraham D.
Our church window was restored looking better than new at the Russell Memorial Church in Durham. Keith G.

I needed privacy and after these guys were through I had a design that was simple, elegant, private and allowed the light in. Great job and great people to work with.

Kathy E.

My home looks like a million bucks after several windows and designs were completed on time and with out any problems or delays. These guys rock!

Laura C.

I needed privacy in my back room, and " Enhanced Glass"  did the job in a simple, unique, effective way.  And at half the price of what I was quoted elsewhere!


NG,  Durham resident